Ultimate Classic Rock Songs for Romantic Occasions

Romantic rock music
Music evokes the whole range of emotions, including happiness, laughter, tears, fears and love. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate love, and rock songs are perfectly suited for this day which celebrates love, adoration, romance, true feelings and two people being happy together.

Whether the music you want is for background noise, dancing or singing to – or perhaps a mix of all three – these can all add to the romantic ambience. One idea is to create a playlist of her favourite classic rock songs, which is a romantic Valentine gift for your lady that will remind her of you each time she plays it and shows that you have been paying attention to what she likes. If you need some help choosing the ultimate in classic rock songs for romantic occasions, consider our list:

Angel by Aerosmith

One of Aerosmith’s more tender songs, this 1987 power ballad is about a man who is still fixated on his former girlfriend, begging “I want your love, let’s break the wall between us.” The song was written by lead vocalist Steven Tyler with songwriter Desmond Child.

I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner

Probably one of the most popular song from the band, Foreigner, this 1984 hit in both the UK and US, is a ballad from the band’s Agent Provocateur album, with backup vocals from actress-singer Jennifer Holliday and the pop duo Thompson Twins.

Layla by Derek and the Dominos

“Like a fool, I fell in love with you”, the words of Eric Clapton in the late 1960s for Pattie Boyd, who at the time was married to Clapton’s friend George Harrison. It was the title song of one of three albums Clapton recorded with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page and was released in 1970.

Love of My Life by Queen

Freddy Mercury wrote this song after being inspired by his friend Mary Austin, a woman who he cared about deeply. The tune is almost operatic and was the perfect showcase for Mercury’s vocal range. The song was released on the band’s 1975 album A Night at the Opera.

Nights in White Satin by Moody Blues

A sad, yet powerful love song written by 19-year-old Justin Hayward, singer with the Moody Blues in 1967. It has since been covered by more than 60 artists, whilst still remaining a hit for Moody Blues.